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At Wenger, we take tremendous pride in our multi-functional products that exceed expectations. We want our customers to enjoy these products to the fullest and caution them against buying from unauthorized internet dealers.

All Authorized Internet Dealers display the Wenger Authorized Internet Dealer badge on their Web site. Whenever you see this logo on a web site, click on it. It should take you back to this site to confirm that the dealer has been authorized by Wenger NA.

We have not audited unauthorized e-tailers or other unauthorized dealers to determine if they meet the high customer service standards our authorized dealers are required to meet. As we generally have no relationship with unauthorized e-tailers, if you experience any difficulty with their service or products, we may be unable to help you.

We recommend you only purchase Wenger products from Wenger Authorized Internet Dealers. They are expected to

  1. Maintain a broad offering of Wenger products.
  2. Maintain an “always in-stock” policy for Wenger products.
  3. Ensure 99% website uptime with functionality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  4. Prominently display a privacy policy at least as stringent as the privacy policy on
  5. Provide notice of level of security offered to customers for online transactions. Website functionality must minimally include a secure server and transaction system.
  6. Use the most current high-resolution Wenger graphics and text information.
  7. Deliver adequate page load times.
  8. Maintain a visually appealing site that's look and feel are consistent with the Wenger image.
  9. Prominently display Customer Service contact information and respond to consumer email inquiries within 24-hours.
  10. Provide a toll-free customer service telephone number that is manned by a live operator during normal business hours.
  11. Send order status via e-mail within 12 hours of order placement.
  12. Ship products within 48 hours of acceptance.
  13. Offer a convenient return policy.

*As this is a new program, not all Wenger authorized dealers display the badge at this time.

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